Oracle Park

"Completely obstructed view."

Seat Review From Section 142, Row 6, Seat 11
Jul 2012


You have a view of a fence and only a fence. Yes it is the bleachers but it is an obstructed view not a limited view.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    View of Full Field, Easy In/Out, Next to Everything and We got on TV!

    Jun 2016

    Section 142, Seats 4-7

    In Center Field, short row of 7 seats so you are not getting up and down the whole game and no one blocks your view like in Lower and View Box. The first row is a walkway and that is row A, lower to the ground, do not get those. This 2nd row (Row 0) bench is just the perfect height and we got on TV several times per game. The Usher Prince was awesome and everyone around us was nice and friendly. The lower 15 rows are all season tickets so people are well behaved and that is good for anyone who want's to watch the game. It is perfect for families , in other sections of the Bleachers you do not see the whole field, we have sat in them all. Left Field 137-140 sell for much more and you can't see the whole field Down under the seats you'll find beer, restrooms, all the best new food. Tony's Pizza, Gourmet Nachos, Grilled Dogs, and The Famous Garden and Bar. Out the gate for smoking if needed and up the stairs for the Kids Area, Orlando's and Crab House. The kids bring signs and the players wave to them and throw them balls. These are some of the warmest seats in the park at night, Summer in SF is Cold! I used to spend at least 30+ minutes getting out of the park and now I am in my car in 5. Photo is from 2015 Opening Day .

    • "Bleachers"

      (Section 139) - -

      Hey, an Orange Friday Night, in the Bleachers, and beating the Dodgers in a walk off homer by Buster Posey? Heck Yeah! Bleachers are very rowdy, part of the action is watching which fans will be tossed. It's a crazy party atmosphere. Seats are bench/bleacher seats, no backs. Lot's of crowding a...

    • "Really windy, but close to amenities"

      (Section 144) - -

      There's a reason these are among the cheapest bleacher seats in the park. They are really, really, really windy! It was 75 degrees outside of the stadium, but in these seats it was at least 25 degrees cooler. I was actually worried that my bottle of water was going to blow over. If you must sit in t...

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