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Section 329 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 329 are labeled 1-17
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 1

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      On the A's seating chart, 300 Level sections are also known as the View Level. These seats provide a bird's eye perspective of the game and views of the landscape surrounding the ballpark. Sections 316-318 are sometimes referred to as Value Deck Seats. These are the sections with the best views from behind home plate. Some tickets in the Value Deck will have pre-loaded concession dollars in amounts ranging from $6-10. Please check the seller notes to see if your tickets have concession credit.  Closed for a number of years, 300 level sections adjacent to the Value Deck have started to re-open as the A's have more success on the field. These sections are usually open for games against the Giants and Angels and when the A's are playing well. As one might expect, there was a reason these were closed in prior years - fans simply did not want to sit so far away from the game. That is still an issue, but by re-opening these seats, fans will have an inexpensive option for attending a ballgame. Each View Level section has 17 rows with an entrance located near the front row. 

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