Section 111 is located approximately halfway between the end of the infield dirt on the first base side and the right field foul pole. Tickets in Row 1 will be very good seats as you will find yourself with only a short wall separating you from the field of play along foul line. The right fielders should be playing a bit deeper from where you would be sitting in 111, offering a very good view of the field and excellent proximity from Row 1 (as close as it gets to the field of play in that section). The distance and height from the field will be the same from Row 1 in Section 111 as from Row 1 in Section 011, which is located just one section closer to home plate. The difference between the two sections is that Section 011 is a Champions Suite section, and offers additional amenities such as cushioned suite seats, in-seat wait service, private restrooms, access to the Ketel One Suite Lounge, and an all-inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverage offering.

View from Section 111 at Yankee Stadium
This is the view from Section 111 at Yankee Stadium. Row 1 will be closer to the field than is shown in this picture.