Section 121 is one of the best sections to sit in for Royals game. In Row P you'll have great views of the entire field from behind the visitor's dugout.

Section 121 seats
Among the narrowest sections in the ballpark, Section 121 has just nine seats in Row P

With the exception of Rows A and B, which have eight seats, all rows in Sections 121 have nine seats with seat 1 on your left as you face the field. The limited number of seats per row makes it easy to get in and out.

A relatively unknown benefit of sitting in a small row with an odd number of seats is that there tends to be an open seat somewhere - even in premium sections like 121. You'll often find seat 5 unoccupied because the four seats on either side are sold in sets of four. So even if you're not on the aisle, you may get a little extra room on one side of you.