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What's the difference between barstools, tables and SRO in right field at Fenway?

Apr 2016

Answered by RateYourSeats.com staff...

Fenway Park has no shortage of unique seating areas, and the Right Field Roof Deck is home to one of the newest additions to that list.

Mostly located in fair (home run) territory down the right field line on the highest seating deck, the Budweiser Roof Deck is home to Tables, Barstools and a Standing Room Only area.

The Tables (typically labeled T101, T201, T301, etc.) feature swiveling chairs around a small table. These tables are primarily found in rows 1 and 2 of the roof deck. Row 3 includes a few tables, but is mostly made up of barstools where fans can face the field and set a drink on a small ledge. Behind these reserved seating choices are SRO spaces. This is a general admission area where fans can get a cheap ticket and keep an eye on the game while being close to the popular bar and patio on the pavilion.

Asked April 25, 2016

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