Citizens Bank Park

Section 129 at Citizens Bank Park


Citizens Bank Park Section 129 View

Section 129 Seating Notes

  • For baseball games, these seats are located behind the visitor dugout
  • Rows 31 and above are shaded during most day games
  • See all shaded and covered seating

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 129 are labeled 1-31
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 31
  • When looking towards the field/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 129 Reviews

    Row 1 is the first row behind the visitor's dugout in Section 129.

    Baseball Review
    Section 129, Row 1

    Front of sections 115-132 are behind the netting

    Baseball Review

    There is some amount of netting or screening in front of sections 115-132. The height and coverage of netting or screening will vary by section.

    • Field Level Infield


      If you take a look at the Citizens Bank seating chart, you'll find that the best non-premium seating options are in the Field Level Infield sections. Fans can sit directly behind the Phillies bench in sections 115-118 on the first base side, while sections 129-132 are located directly behind the visitors dugout on the third base side. Sections 119-128 are located just behind the Diamond Club seats which line the backstop wall behind the home plate, making these sections a bit smaller than those behind the dugout and a will therefore have a shorter and easier walk to the concourses. 

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