Citizens Bank Park

Citizens Bank Park Field Seats for Concerts

Features & Amenities

Field Seats at a Citizens Bank Park concert are located on the outfield grass and face the stage located in center field. For most shows, there are at least two groups of field sections. These are sometimes named the front floor and the rear floor. Field Section AA is typically the left-most section at the front, while Section DD is one of the center-most sections. The placement of these sections, their names and their row numbers vary by performance.

Some shows will have at least one general admission area. A ticket in one of these areas gets you access to an un-reserved standing-room-only area. When this area is labeled the Pit, it is typically a smaller area located close to the stage. When the area is labeled GA Field, it's typically a larger area and you'll be competing against more guests for the best spot in the grass.

Because of their proximity to the stage, Citizens Bank Park Field Seats are among the most desirable tickets for a concert. Especially for shows with a younger crowd, we recommend being in one of the front floor sections. This will lessen the likelihood of other guests standing and blocking your view of the stage.

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