Shaded Seats for a Phillies Game

phillies shaded seats home plate
Shaded seats from behind home plate at Citizens Bank Park

Each year Philadelphia experiences more than three weeks of 90+ degree weather. And each year the Phillies host about 15 day games - many of which occur on these super-hot summer days. When it comes to finding relief in the shade, Citizens Bank Park isn't the most generous ballpark. Never-the-less, there are a few areas to consider if you're looking to purchase shaded seats for a Phillies game.

Third Base Seats Get Shade the Earliest

The ballpark faces almost due north, which means that the sun will set over the third base side of the field. As a result, seats on this side will be shaded long before seats on the first base side.

Hall of Fame Club Seats are the Best Shaded Seats on the Third Base Side

shaded club seats citizens bank park
The best shaded seats at Citizens Bank Park are in the Club / 200 Level

Among seats on the third base side of the field, Hall of Fame Club sections 225-232 are the best seats for shade. For a 1 p.m. game all seats in these sections are comfortably out of the sun by the third inning. As an added bonus, ticketholders in these seats get access to an indoor club area safe from the heat and/or the rain.

Terrace Deck Sections Are an Inexpensive Alternative to Club Seats

If you need to stay out of the sun but don't care about the amenities in the club level, consider seats in the Terrace Deck (i.e.: 400s). While this area does have some of the farthest views in the stadium, sections 423-434 are fully shaded in rows 6 and higher. And rows 1-5 are eventually shaded by mid-afternoon.

Finding Shade in the Lower Level is Hit or Miss

seats under overhang phillies
Finding a shaded seat in the lower level often means sitting deep under an overhang

Fans who love the excitement of sitting close to the field will have a difficult time finding seats that aren't in the sun. Even on the third base side, most 100-level seats are in direct sun for at least a few innings.

In third base sections 126-139, rows 30 and above are the best place to avoid the sun. Not all sections follow this rule (e.g.: 134-136), but a a majority of these seats will be shaded within the first couple innings.

One final area worth mentioning is sections 122-128. Given their location behind home plate, tickets in these sections are considerably more expensive than other lower level seats. However, you'll be rewarded with an excellent view and a good chance at being in the shade.

Shaded Seats on the First Base Side

first base side shaded seats
These seats on the first base side are shaded in the third inning, but will be in the sun by the end of the game

The Phillies dugout is on the first base side of the field. For fans hoping to sit in shaded seats on the home side of the field, options are limited. In fact, the only way to guarantee full shade for nine innings is to sit in one of the upper-most rows in the club level or the terrace level.

Worst Seats for Avoiding the Sun

When looking at seats in right field at Citizens Bank Park, you may notice that a lot of these seats are covered from an overhang or the stadium roof. These seem like ideal seats for keeping cool, but they are very deceiving.

sunny seats at citizens bank park
Even in covered areas, it's almost impossible to find shade in right field in late afternoon

The list below shows sections that fans expect to be shaded but are not. About half of the seats in the following sections will be shaded at first pitch (for an afternoon game). But nearly all of them will be directly in the sun by the final out:

  • Sections 101-114
  • Sections 201-211
  • Sections 301-310
  • Sections 412-418

If sun protection is important to you, we highly recommend avoiding all seats on the first base side and in right field.

Covered Seats at Citizens Bank Park

When it comes to finding covered seats at Citizens Bank Park, the best strategy is to look for seats in the last few rows of any section. In these areas, the cover comes from the level above, providing some protection from the elements. Here's a summary of the covered seating options at Citizens Bank Park:

  • 400 Level: Overhang provides protection over rows 9-16.
  • Club Level: Starting from row 7 and above
    • Also provides an climate controlled concourse
  • Right Field and Right Field Corner: Last 3-5 rows in each section
    • 102-108
    • 201-209
    • 302-310