Soldier Field

"Decent Seats in United Club"

Seat Review From Section 303, Row 10, Seat 17
Sep 2017


This was the cheapest seat I could find in the United Club seats. Given that it wasn't a horrible experience, I'd say that most club seats are pretty good. Views of this side of the field were outstanding. Love the height and love how you don't feel forever away from the field (yes, I'm talking about you, 400 level).

The biggest downside is seeing plays at the other end. This was a pre-season game with the stadium about half empty. So I didn't have problems angling myself to get a straight view. But when it's more crowded you're going to have turn your head severely left instead of turning your body. Get something more towards midfield if you can afford it.

Club itself is pretty nice. It's split up into three levels with the dining hall on the lower level (field level) and concessions on the concourse of the 200 and 300 levels. No problem grabbing food or drink on my level, but the lines were ridiculous on the 200 level. And because the concourse is very narrow, there's not much room to maneuver. Once again, this was a preseason game. I imagine regular season games to be much more congested.

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    • "Interesting Area of the Club"

      (Section 302) - -

      This was the last section of seats and the layout is kind of interesting. The lower rows barely have any seats, so if you're sitting there you're getting a lot of room to yourself. I heard someone say that it was like having your own private suite. Whether that's good or bad, I'm not sure.

    • "Not the best"

      (Section 315) - -

      There is a cameraman in your view blocking about 30% of the field.

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