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Media Deck sections at Soldier Field are located on the second level of the stadium in sections 228-246. Each section has 6 to 12 rows of seating in each with the smaller sections closest to midfield.

These seats are well known for being the best shaded seats at Solider Field. Sections closest to midfield have excellent overhead coverage. On a hot day sections 232-242 are ideal for beating the heat. And when the threat of rain or snow is present, these seats will keep you dry.

For Bears games, this is the home side of the field and seats in this location have a great view of the whole field from an ideal seating height for seeing over the players on the sideline. The same is true for Chicago Fire matches where the elevation makes it easy to see from end-to-end.

For most concerts the Soldier Field Seating Chart has the stage set up on the North end of the field. When this is the case, you'll want to skip Media Deck sections 241-246 due to their poor angle to the stage.

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