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The United Club Seats at Soldier Field are on the East side of the stadium in sections 202-216 and 301-317. This is a two-tier club level and the outdoor experience is different depending on which level you're sitting on.

Club Level Seats For Bears Games

All fans sitting in the United Club Seats for a Bears game will have wider, cushioned seating and access to a climate-controlled lounge. The club lounge features multiple bars and upscale food options not available to fans in other seating sections. The lounge also has additional seating areas, televisions and private restrooms.

The United Club lounge opens two (2) hours prior to kickoff for Bears games with access to a private stadium entrance, and closes five (5) hours after kickoff.

Soccer and Concert Club Seats

The Club Level experience is similar for for non-Bears games. Fewer concession stands are open and the club doesn't have the same hours, but the indoor lounge is still accessible.

For Solider Field concerts, the stage is typically setup at the North end of the field. When seated, you'll turn to your right to see the stage. To avoid a severe angle, we recommend seats in the center of the club like 208 and 209.

200 Level Club Seats

While all United Club Seats offer a very good view of the field, the 200 level seats have some of the best views in the entire stadium. For Bears games, soccer matches and concerts, these seats are situated at an ideal elevation for seeing the field comfortably without being too high away.

Besides for better views, the 200 level offers something the 300 level doesn't: covered seating. Not all rows are covered - just the last 6 or 7 - but it makes a big difference on hot days and when the threat of rain is present. Just be aware that the overhang does limit views from the highest rows in the 200s Club Seats.

300 Level Club Seats

Sections 301-317 are the highest tier of club level seating. Seats here are about 40-60 rows from the field. There is noticeably more elevation compared to the 200 level, but not near as much as in 400 Level Grandstand seats.

These sections are typically closed for Chicago Fire matches, but are open for some soccer games, all Bears games and most concerts.

Please note: Due to health and safety protocols in 2023, food availability, club access, wait service and other amenities are subject to change without notice.

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      There is a cameraman in your view blocking about 30% of the field.

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      Amenities with club tickets are good (indoor lounge access, etc.), but these are probably the worst club seats for watching the game. Last row in the last section. Have to turn your body to see the field. Forget about seeing the videoboard. On the plus side, don't have to walk any stairs to get t...

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