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The colonnades outside Soldier Field are one of the defining features of the NFL's most historic stadium. Inside, the Colonnades refer to sections on the North and South ends of the field.

Colonnades seating includes 200 and 300 level seating above each endzone. Depending on the type of event you're attending, your experience will vary greatly.

Colonnades Sections for Bears Games

When purchasing tickets for a Bears game in the Colonnade Sections, pay close attention to what side of the field you'll be on. Both sides will give you an elevated endzone view, but we prefer the South endzone for a few reasons.

First, the sections are smaller on the South end. This means fewer stairs to climb, more convenient access to amenities and closer views to the field.

Second, Colonnades sections on the North end can get very sunny during afternoon games in the fall. Meanwhile, most sections on the South end will eventually see some shade. This can be an important factor during the first few weeks of the year.

Sitting Here For a Concert

The seating chart for most Soldier Field concerts has the stage on the North end. In turn, only the South Colonnade sections are open for a majority of shows.

Here's what to expect on the South end:

  • Some of the farthest seats from the stage
  • Head-on views of the stage
  • Clear views of the videoscreens (added for most shows)
  • A much cheaper ticket price compared to Field Seats
  • Elevated seating on risers

Additional Notes

  • For Chicago Fire games, the Supporters Section is just below South Colonnade sections
  • Stairs are required to access most seats
  • These sections have the best views of the video scoreboards

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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