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When looking at the Soldier Field seating chart, one of the largest collections of seats is called the Grandstands. This area is made up of sections 427-447 and some also consider 330-344 part of the Grandstands.

400 Level Grandstand Seats

The cheapest tickets for Bears games and concerts are typically found in the 400 Level. This is an expansive area that offers a wildly different experience (and climate) depending on where you sit.

Rows in each Grandstand section are numbered. Row 1 is the first row in most sections - and is also the row where you enter each section.

We strongly urge guests to purchase tickets in the lowest row possible (if the budget allows). Here's why:

  • Each section is accessed by a staircase
    • Even getting to row 1 requires a climb
  • There are up to 37 rows in each section
    • The top rows require a 50-stair hike
    • Restroom and concession breaks can be a 20-minute round-trip from the top
  • The front rows are about 50 rows from the field
    • The back rows are nearly 90 rows from the field

We also advise guests to avoid edge sections on windy days. Sections like 427-429 and 445-447 are heavily exposed to the elements. Sit more towards the middle or be prepared for a cold afternoon.

300 Level Grandstand Seats

While 400 Level Grandstand sections can turn into a nightmare if you pick the wrong seats, it's hard to find a bad seat in sections 330-344 for a football game.

There are 15 or fewer rows in each section and the entrance to each section is located at the top row. Whether you're in the first or last row, you'll be 30-45 rows from the field - a sweet spot for football games and large stadium concerts.

Among all Grandstand sections, 335-338 are the best for a concert. These sections have a comfortable angle to the stage without being too far away.

Grandstand Sections Notes

  • These sections are typically closed for Chicago Fire matches
  • When seated and facing the field, Grandstand sections on the right side will be shaded first
  • Accessible seating is available in the 300 Level
    • The 400 Level requires stairs and is not accessible

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    Grandstand Seats Reviews

      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Great seats!!"

      (Section 434) - -

      Was worried after reading review, but seats are great. Full view of field although steep stairs to get to seats. Otherwise no complaints. Would recommend for football games.

    • "Good luck getting to the restrooms"

      (Section 439) - -

      Seats are pretty far up and kind of in the middle which makes getting to the restrooms a challenge.

    • "Great view"

      (Section 339) -

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