Fenway Park

"Much better than expected"

Seat Review From Right Field Box 94, Row UU
Jun 2016


For being so far down the line, these are actually pretty good. Bad angle to home plate, but quality view of the outfield - especially RF.

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    • "My favorite seats at Fenway"

      (Field Box 1) - -

      Touch the field, smell the grass, talk to the players on field and in the bull pin. Close to beer!

    • "Difficult To Watch the Infield"

      (Field Box 7) - -

      When I walked into our entry tunnel, I was pretty excited to be sitting to so close to the field at Fenway Park and also thought we might have a pretty good chance at a foul ball from where we were. Sadly however, the seats turned out to be a big let down. Firstly, the seats are way too shallow ...

    • "NOT FRONT ROW SEATS.........."

      (Field Box 71) - -

      Don't get me wrong, these are great seats close to the field. BUT, they are NOT front row seats. There was row added (row 1) in front of row A. So if you're paying a premium and expecting front row seats, you'll be disappointed.

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