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Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Good views and exposure to foul balls are some of the highlights when sitting in the Field Level Down the Line sections. Located on the lowest tier of the stadium, fans stay close to the field while also finding more affordable ticket prices compared to the sections behind the dugouts and home plate.

The MVP and VIP portions of these sections are located closest to the field, followed by Infield Box, Infield Box Value, Preferred Field, and then Preferred Field Value at the very top. Each portion typically features a different pricing structure, with the closest seats being the most expensive.

As you get closer to the foul poles, the rows within the sections begin to angle your view back in toward the infield rather than straight into the outfield, resulting in less head turning to catch all the action. Beside comfortable viewing angles, these seats can also keep you close to the bullpens, with section 53 directly beside the Dodgers bullpen in left field, and section 52 directly beside the visiting team bullpen in right field.

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    • "Bad angle to the field"

      (Section 40) - -

      Thirty feet from the field at Dodger Stadium - these seats ought to be amazing, right? Not so much. Unlike newer parks which angle their outfield seats to the infield, these seats stare at the outfield grass. You pretty much have to turn your head a full 90 degrees to see home plate. For a three hou...

    • "Amazing"

      (Section 51) - -

      Perfect seats, you can see everything.

    • "Bring your sunglasses"

      (Section 46) -

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