U.S. Bank Stadium basketball

U.S. Bank Stadium
Seating Sections For Basketball Games

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Section 1Coming Soon!--
Section 2Coming Soon!--
Section 101Coming Soon!$214
Section 103Coming Soon!$193
Section 105Coming Soon!$380
Section 106Coming Soon!$431
Section 107Coming Soon!--
Section 111Coming Soon!--
Section 112Coming Soon!$539
Section 113Coming Soon!$399
Section 114Coming Soon!$210
Section 116Coming Soon!$214
Section 118Coming Soon!$250
Section 119Coming Soon!$185
Section 120Coming Soon!$316
Section 121Coming Soon!$167
Section 122Coming Soon!$248
Section 124Coming Soon!$277
Section 126Coming Soon!--
Section 127Coming Soon!$443
Section 128Coming Soon!--
Section 129Coming Soon!$928
Section 130Coming Soon!--
Section 131Coming Soon!--
Section 132Coming Soon!$646
Section 133Coming Soon!$371
Section 134Coming Soon!$499
Section 135Coming Soon!$423
Section 136Coming Soon!$255
Section 138Coming Soon!$214
Section 140Coming Soon!$177
Section 141Coming Soon!$192
Section 142Coming Soon!$171
Section 143Coming Soon!$200
Field Club 1Coming Soon!$1848
Field Club 2Coming Soon!$2173
Field Club 3Coming Soon!$2491
Field Club 4Coming Soon!$1902
Field Club 5Coming Soon!$1630
Valhalla Club 6Coming Soon!--
Valhalla Club 7Coming Soon!--
Valhalla Club 8Coming Soon!$1661
Valhalla Club 9Coming Soon!$7688
Valhalla Club 10Coming Soon!$999
Vikings Club 1Coming Soon!$1025
Vikings Club 2Coming Soon!$1225
Vikings Club 3Coming Soon!$1661
Vikings Club 4Coming Soon!$1495
Vikings Club 5Coming Soon!$1346
Section 201Coming Soon!$5535
Section 202Coming Soon!--
Section 203Coming Soon!--
Section 204Coming Soon!$277
Section 205Coming Soon!--
Section 206Coming Soon!$215
Section 207Coming Soon!$220
Section 208Coming Soon!--
Section 214Coming Soon!--
Section 215Coming Soon!$360
Section 216Coming Soon!$226
Section 217Coming Soon!$277
Section 218Coming Soon!$184
Section 219Coming Soon!$192
Section 220Coming Soon!$192
Section 221Coming Soon!$192
Section 222Coming Soon!$192
Section 223Coming Soon!$192
Section 224Coming Soon!--
Section 225Coming Soon!$192
Section 226Coming Soon!$196
Section 227Coming Soon!--
Section 228Coming Soon!$323
Section 229Coming Soon!$270
Section 230Coming Soon!--
Section 231Coming Soon!--
Section 237Coming Soon!--
Section 238Coming Soon!$360
Section 239Coming Soon!$277
Section 240Coming Soon!$264
Section 241Coming Soon!$192
Section 242Coming Soon!$184
Fire Club 6Coming Soon!--
Fire Club 7Coming Soon!$1486
Fire Club 8Coming Soon!--
Fire Club 9Coming Soon!$738
Fire Club 10Coming Soon!$616
Ice Club 1Coming Soon!$720
Ice Club 2Coming Soon!$808
Ice Club 3Coming Soon!$2768
Ice Club 4Coming Soon!$910
Ice Club 5Coming Soon!$720
Section 301Coming Soon!$138
Section 302Coming Soon!$119
Section 303Coming Soon!$133
Section 304Coming Soon!$150
Section 305Coming Soon!$172
Section 306Coming Soon!$226
Section 307Coming Soon!$172
Section 308Coming Soon!$120
Section 309Coming Soon!$118
Section 310Coming Soon!$134
Section 311Coming Soon!$151
Section 312Coming Soon!$226
Section 313Coming Soon!$150
Section 314Coming Soon!$165
Section 315Coming Soon!$131
Section 316Coming Soon!$135
Section 317Coming Soon!$131
Section 318Coming Soon!$150
Section 319Coming Soon!$138
Section 320Coming Soon!$133
Section 321Coming Soon!$128
Section 322Coming Soon!$136
Section 323Coming Soon!$145
Section 324Coming Soon!$133
Section 325Coming Soon!$139
Section 326Coming Soon!$174
Section 327Coming Soon!$130
Section 328Coming Soon!$194
Section 329Coming Soon!--
Section 330Coming Soon!$161
Section 331Coming Soon!$138
Section 332Coming Soon!$144
Section 333Coming Soon!$104
Section 334Coming Soon!$127
Section 335Coming Soon!$147
Section 336Coming Soon!$169
Section 337Coming Soon!$150
Section 338Coming Soon!$156
Section 339Coming Soon!$135
Section 340Coming Soon!$167
Section 341Coming Soon!$161
Section 342Coming Soon!$192
Section 343Coming Soon!$140
Section 344Coming Soon!$150
Section 345Coming Soon!$129
Section 346Coming Soon!$124
Section 347Coming Soon!$126
Section 348Coming Soon!$123
Section 349Coming Soon!$138
Section 350Coming Soon!--
Section 351Coming Soon!$322
Section 352Coming Soon!$212
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