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Section 348 at U.S. Bank Stadium


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Section 348 Seating Notes

  • Rows A-E are recommended for kids and family

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 348 are labeled A-B, CW, 1-28
  • There is wheelchair seating betweeen Rows CW and 1
  • Entrances to this section are located at Rows WC2 and 1

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  • Section 348 Reviews

    Long Walk Up

    Sep 2016

    Section 348, Row 22, Seat 2

    Expect a long steep walk up from the entry tunnel, followed by a good few minutes of trying to catch your breath. Views of the field are far as you might expect from being this high. You can’t see much of the large videoboard just to your left, but you do have a decent view of the smaller videoboard at the far endzone. Also important to note is how dark it is up here. There isn’t much light at all during an evening game, so if you’re not too sure footed, I would recommend looking elsewhere for seats.

    Great for Price

    Oct 2017

    Section 348, Row 9, Seat 1

    Great seats for the price, but a little difficult to see - one screen was a bit far off and the other one was at an angle we really needed to turn to see. That being said it was super easy to get to and close to food, drink, swag, and bathrooms. Definitely worth it! Warning though - it took us 20+ minutes to get in/through security so we missed the team coming onto the field and kick off - plan accordingly if that is important to you.

    • 300 Level Corner (Football)


      You can find some of the cheaper Vikings tickets when searching the 300 Level Corner seating zone, but not all seats are created equal when sitting here. Corner sections near the west endzone will miss out on the fun views of the Minneapolis skyline and the larger videoboard, but you can find some unique options in sections 350-352 which are among the smallest seating areas in the stadium. Just be prepared for longer walks to the restrooms and concessions when sitting in these small southwest corner seating sections. Being in the corners near the east endzone give you a better line of sight to the skyline above the west endzone, but we recommend sticking with the northeast corner and opting for the lettered rows which are located at the front. These lettered seats require very few stairs to traverse and feel like a private seating deck, but it is important to note that these lettered rows are not available when sitting in the southeast corner.  

    • Recommended For Kids and Family


      Extremely easy to move between the seats and the concourse. Near a number of conveniences - including restrooms, concessions, first aid and more. Ticket prices more affordable on the upper seating tier

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "High and Dark"

      (Section 333) - -

      It was a long walk getting to the seats this far up, and the views certainly reflected that. You can see all areas of the field, but it feels very far making it more difficult to really get into the game. The seats aren’t terribly uncomfortable, and I was surprised at the amount of legroom ...

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