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Club C6 Seating Notes

  • Rows 5-15 are recommended for impressing a guest
  • Premium seating area as part of the 200 Level Club

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Club C6 are labeled 1-15
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 9

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  • Club C6 Reviews

    Premium View But Lackluster Amenities

    Sep 2016

    Club C6, Row 12, Seat 12

    The comfy padded seats are a nice perk of being on the club level. You get a traditional sideline view from a nearly ideal seating height, leaving very little to complain about when watching the game. Still feels very close, and you’re behind the Vikings sideline as well. My section was closer to the end of the Club where the restrooms were located, so it was great for making trips to and from there, although the bar was at the other end of the club, requiring a little bit longer walk. As for the bar, I must say it was designed incredibly poorly given that the registers are far from the serving area, making it difficult for bartenders to efficiently churn out the libations (lengthy wait). In regard to the club lounge, the food options were quite disappointing for a premium seating option. There was no one in the burger, brisket sandwich, or wings lines (rightfully so as they looked sub-par and I even heard from other fans that those were pretty disappointing). But the nacho line was absolutely packed (about 20 people deep). Granted, they looked delicious so I decided to wait among the masses as well (about 15 minutes to get my custom made nachos), and was pretty satisfied afterward (just wish the wait had been shorter). These club seats are great for watching the game in comfort and a bit of style, but just seemed to fall short in a premium experience you would expect for such an expensive ticket.

    • 200 Level Club


      Found near midfield on each sideline of the second seating tier, the 200 Level Club seats are home to excellent views close to the 50 yard line and have great elevation for being able to see all areas of the field. The Little Six Casino's Club Gold (sections C1-C5) and Factory Motor Parts (FMP) Club (sections C6-C10) amenities are very similar. Fans will enjoy access to a premium club lounge which offers upscale food and beverage available for purchase. Ticketholders will also have access to a private stadium entrance, and private restrooms. For die-hard fans who want the best view for a Vikings game and a few additional comforts, these seats are hard to pass up.  

    • Recommended For Impressing a Guest


      Premium experience with club amenities. Private lounge access for a more comfortable experience. Ideal viewing height with excellent viewing angles near midfield

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Unbelievable private comfort, proximity to Club amenities and unobstructed view"

      (Club C7) - -

      Seats are in the last row of small Club section. Can stand any time to watch and not block view of anyone behind you. 4 seats 3 in back aisle with no seat in front. Media booth located right above. Few rows from tunnel, to private club and restroom. No camera wells like in the front of the lower ro...

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