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Section 344 at U.S. Bank Stadium


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Section 344 Seating Notes

  • Rows A-E are recommended for kids and family

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 344 are labeled A-E, 1-21
  • Entrances to this section are located at Rows E and 1

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 344 Reviews

    • 300 Level Sideline (Football)


      Although the 300 Level is home to some of the highest seats and furthest views, you can still find some very strong options when sitting in the lettered rows of these upper tier sideline sections. It can be difficult to discern when looking at a Vikings seating chart, however the majority of these 300 level sideline sections (excluding section 337) are separated into a small lower lower portion (lettered rows), and larger upper portion (numbered rows). Score a seat in the lower lettered rows and it almost feels as if you're on a separate seating deck, with very good views of the field and incredibly easy access between the seats and the concourse. But if the budget should only allow for a seat in the upper numbered rows, we recommend opting for rows 5 through 10 as this will prevent being too high up, but will also help in minimizing some of the viewing limitations caused by the safety glass which are more commonly found in the lowest numbered rows. 

    • Recommended For Kids and Family


      Extremely easy to move between the seats and the concourse. Near a number of conveniences - including restrooms, concessions, first aid and more. Ticket prices more affordable on the upper seating tier

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Better at the Middle of the Row"

      (Section 339) - -

      These seats were almost the perfect value. Located at the front (lower) portion of the 300 level, the viewing height is amazing for an upper tier seat, close to midfield, and you have great views down to the Vikings sideline. However the downfall comes from the taller piece of safety glass loc...

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