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U.S. Bank Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • 200 Level Club - Found near midfield on each sideline of the second seating tier, the 200 Level Club seats are home to excellent views close to the 50 yard line and ha...
  • Club Purple - Club Purple offers one of the more unique premium seating opportunities at U.S. Bank Stadium. The area features three seating options; fans can choos...
  • Delta Sky360 Club - The best seats at a Vikings game are Delta Sky360 Club seats. Guests will enjoy impressive views, larger padded chairs and exclusive access to the nam...
  • Lumen Lodge - The Lumen Lodge at U.S. Bank Stadium is one of the most exclusive tickets for a Vikings game. This section has just 75 seats and promises one of the b...
  • Medtronic Club - The Medtronic Club seats are located just above the lower Delta Sky360 Club sections behind the Vikings sideline. These sections are labeled V6-V10 an...
  • Polaris Club - The Vikings Seating Chart lists a number of different premium seating options on the lower level. Among these are the Polaris Club Seats on the visito...
  • Truss Bar Seats - Truss Bar tickets are one of the most sought-after options for a Vikings game. This intimate area is located above section 223 and features a private ...

Vikings Sideline & Visitor Sideline

visitor sideline
The visitor sideline is in front of sections V1-V5.

Vikings Sideline - The Vikings sideline is in front of club F2, Club F3 and Club F4

Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Club V1, Club V2, Club V3, Club V4 and Club V5

U.S. Bank Stadium Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

With the majority of midfield sections at US Bank Stadium belonging to a premium seating area, it can be expensive to find seats with those ultimate views you might be looking for when attending a football game. However there are also a number of other options with fantastic views at a more reasonable price tag if you know where to look.

But let's start with some of the very best, which as mentioned above are also part of premium seating for Vikings home games. Along the south sideline, Medtronic Club sections 6-10 (labeled as sections V6-V10 on the Vikings seating chart) offer sensational views from an ideal height near the top of the lowest seating tier. While you could potentially get closer to the action in the Delta Sky Club seats below (sections F1-F5), these seats sit very low to the field so you won't have as good of a perspective. On the opposite side of the field, opt for rows 15-25 in Hyundai Club sections V1-V5 which get you that same desirable viewing height while avoiding sitting too low where the players along the sideline can impact your view. If you're having trouble deciding between the east and west sidelines here, know that the Medtronic Club will get you more in terms of amenities but will also have a higher price tag.

Moving on from the premium options, one of our favorite spots for staying dialed into the game at US Bank Stadium are 200 level sections 208, 214, 231, and 237. These are located just adjacent to the FMP and Buffalo Wild Wings club seats which occupy the prime mid-field real estate, so you still get an excellent view from the perfectly positioned second seating tier at the US Bank without having to pay the premium club prices. Another big selling feature of these sections are the smaller seating areas, which feature no more than 15 rows in each, and no more than 15 seats in each row. The smaller seating makes it easier to get in and out, allowing you to spend more time watching the game and less time trying to make your way back from the concourse.

Sticking with the midfield theme, the only spot where you can score a view from between the 20 yard lines without having to go with an expensive club seat is on the 300 level. While there are definitely some difficult views to be found on this upper seating tier, you can also find some hidden gems if you're able to get a ticket in the lettered rows. These lettered row seats are located in the lower portion of the section, and feel like their own private seating deck. The views here are shockingly impressive for an upper deck, and the convenience of being no more than 5 rows from the concourse lets you enjoy watching the game without having to worry about a long or steep walk to visit the restrooms.

If you're not all that concerned about having that prime sideline viewing perspective, we strongly recommend considering the upper seating rows of sections 118-121. These east endzone seats give you an extremely comfortable head on view to both the field as well as the larger of the stadium's two videoboards. Opting for rows 33 and higher give you a very good viewing height and will also leave you within a 10 row walk of the concourse. But the most unique aspect about sitting here is the impressive view through to the city in the backdrop of the far endzone!

Rows 15-25 in Sections Section 107, Section 111, Club V1 and Club V2

  • Excellent positioning near midfield on the lower tier
  • Good seating height for seeing over the visiting team sideline

Sections Club V10, Club V6, Club V7 and Club V8

  • Excellent lower level views near midfield
  • Good seating height for seeing over the Vikings sideline
  • Premium club benefits

Sections Section 208, Section 214, Section 231 and Section 237

  • Ideal viewing height from the second seating tier
  • Desirable sideline viewing perspective without the club price tag
  • Fewer seats per row lets you focus on the game

Rows B-E in Sections Section 310, Section 311, Section 312 and Section 313

  • Affordable sideline views on the upper seating tier
  • Close to midfield
  • In the lower portion of the 300 level

Rows 33-42 in Sections Section 118, Section 119, Section 120 and Section 121

  • Straight away views to the field and larger west endzone videoboard
  • Good viewing elevation near the top of the lower seating tier
  • Fun views through to the city in the backdrop of the far endzone

Best Seats for Impressing a Guest

With a number of club and premium seating options to choose from, US Bank Stadium has no shortage of areas to consider when looking to impress your guest at a football game.

Among the most spectacular seating options are the Delta Sky Club seats on the lowest tier of the south sideline (sections F1-F5). For Vikings games, you won't find a closer option to the Vikes players at the bench and along the sideline, and these seats also come with access to a club lounge which allows you to watch the players as they walk from the locker room to the field. Add in plush cushioned seating, all-inclusive food and beverage, private stadium entrances, and the amenities sum up to an incredible all around package. Be careful when choosing seats in the lowest rows which certainly provide impressive proximity to the sideline, but can have more difficult views from being so low to the field level.

Just above the Delta Sky Club, the Medtronic Club seats (also known as the Valhalla Club) are another great option for an impressive outing and will have better all around views of the game thanks to the additional elevation. Stick with sections V7-V9 to be right near midfield, and you'll treat your guests to a premium experience that comes loaded with stunning views of the game. You won't get the same access to view the players moving between the locker room and the field, but you still get to enjoy all-inclusive food and beverage available in the upscale private club lounge for Vikings football games.

The second tier of the stadium features great options as well with three different club seating areas to choose from. Among our favorites on this level are the FMP and Buffalo Wild Wings club seats which are located near midfield, bringing together a premium experience and excellent views. Both the Buffalo Wild Wings Club (sections C1-C5) and the FMP Club (C6-C10) offer similar amenities, which include a luxurious private club lounge where fans can purchase upscale food and beverage in a comfortable private lounge which features countless televisions and private restrooms. Just be sure to select seats in rows 5 and higher as there are a number of TV camera wells located at the front of the sections which can create some difficult views.

Club Purple seats are another great option to consider on this second tier thanks to array of different seat style options which include traditional stadium seats, private loge boxes, or lounge couches. The private club area here features incredible views out to the city, and for Vikes games you will also be treated to all-inclusive food and beverage. The views of the field will not be as prime due to the corner positioning, so we recommend searching first in the FMP and Buffalo Wild Wings Clubs if you want to be on the second tier at US Bank Stadium.

If you find yourself working with a tighter budget and not able to afford the higher ticket prices of these club options, try to search for the non-premium seats located adjacent to the Medtronic Club (sections 126-130 and 131-135) which will have an upscale private feel at a more reasonable price. The same strategy applies on the second seating tier, where sections 208, 214, 231, and 237 get you those prime 200 level views along the sideline without the club seat price markup. These 200 level sections also feature a smaller number of seats in each row, providing a more comfortable and convenient atmosphere.

Sections Club F1, club F2, Club F3 and Club F4

  • Close to the field and right behind the VIkings sideline
  • Premium benefits as a part of the Delta Sky360 Club
  • Desirable viewing angles near midfield

Rows 5-15 in Sections Club C1, Club C10, Club C2 and Club C3

  • Premium experience with club amenities
  • Private lounge access for a more comfortable experience
  • Ideal viewing height with excellent viewing angles near midfield

Sections Club V7, Club V8 and Club V9

  • Amazing views close to the 50 yard line
  • Excellent seating height for seeing over the nearby home team sideline
  • Premium Medtronic Club access with upscale benefits

Best Seats for Kids and Family

At US Bank Stadium you won't find the dedicated kids areas or family themed attractions that you might find elsewhere, but there are a number of areas which we recommend considering when bringing your crew to a football game.

Ticket prices in the lower seating tier will naturally be more expensive than those higher in the stadium, however a benefit is staying lower is avoiding having to use any escalators before even reaching your seating deck. And if you're looking to stay on the lower seating level, search for tickets in the upper rows of sections 101 and 103 near at the northwest corner. Being in rows 33 and higher ensure you stay within a 10 row walk from the top of then aisle, and you'll be right by a family restroom located just above section 103. There are a number of concessions options close by, and the main team store (known as the Locker Room) is just above section 101 should the little ones want to bring home a souvenir.

Most of the 200 level is dedicated for premium seating options, and while a club seat can add many great conveniences for a family at a football game, we tend to recommend other options due to the higher prices that come with these premium seats. However you can still find some great spots for families on the 200 level, most notably in rows 8 and lower of sections 221-224. From here you'll be right by the section entry tunnel just above row 2, and have an excellent head on perspective of the field and all the entertainment on the larger west endzone videoboard - no need to turn your head at all! Restrooms require a bit of a longer walk here, but the unique and impressive sight lines out to the Minneapolis skyline certainly make up for it.

Due to longer trips to reach the seats and potential for steeper walkway aisles to reach your seating row, we generally advise fans to avoid the highest seating tiers at larger venues when bringing the family to a game. However as US Bank Stadium's 300 level is divided into a very unique lower portion and more traditional upper portion, there are some options here which break the mold. The lettered rows of the 300 level are incredibly convenient for fans of all ages as they sit no more than a handful of rows below the level of the upper concourse. As such, its very easy to move to and from the seats and you won't need to worry about lengthy treacherous walks down the aisle. Ticket prices are much cheaper here (making it easier to bring the whole crew), and if you opt for those lettered rows in sections 344-348 you'll also be right by a number of helpful conveniences which include the following:

  • Women's & Men's Restrooms
  • Family Restroom
  • First Aid Station
  • Guest Services Desk
  • Escalators
  • Team Store
  • Concessions

Rows 1-8 in Sections Section 221, Section 222, Section 223 and Section 224

  • Straight away views of the field, large videoboard, and Minneapolis skyline
  • Close to the section entrance
  • More affordable seating without being on the upper level

Rows 33-42 in Sections Section 101 and Section 103

  • Minimal number of stairs between the concourse and the seats
  • Close to a family restroom just above section 103
  • Near the main team store and a number of concessions

Rows A-E in Sections Section 344, Section 345, Section 346 and Section 347

  • Extremely easy to move between the seats and the concourse
  • Near a number of conveniences - including restrooms, concessions, first aid and more
  • Ticket prices more affordable on the upper seating tier

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

Visiting team fans taking in a road game at US Bank Stadium will want to target their ticket search on the areas which get you closest to the visiting team players throughout the game, as well as the spots that give you the best exposure to this impressive venue.

The first place a visiting team fan should begin the search is right at the visitor sideline in Hyundai Club sections V2-V4. Not only will you be right behind your favorite players on the bench and along the sideline, but you also stay between the 30 yard lines for excellent all around viewing. Also known as the Vikings Club, these premium seats have the additional benefit of access to an upscale lounge featuring unique food and beverage options available for purchase. However you'll have a big question to answer before moving forward with selecting seats here - do I want to be closer to my team or have a better overall view of the field? The lowest rows obviously get you closer to all the action on the sideline and are a very exciting place to be. But in being so close it can often be difficult to see over the players and equipment right in front of you, so you if prefer not to miss anything on the field of play we recommend sitting a bit higher. Seats in rows 15-25 offer the ideal combination of viewing height and proximity to the action on these lower level north sideline seats.

Another solid option on the lower seating tier are the upper seating rows of sections 116 and 118 in the north east corner. You won't have the higher premium ticket prices that you'll find in the Hyundai Club, and you get a unique view right down the visitor's sideline. Opt for seats in rows 33 and higher for great viewing height and to also stay within a 10 row walk of the concourse. A big draw for visiting team fans here, especially those who are travelling to Minneapolis for the first time, are the excellent views out to the city skyline. The far endzone (west end of the stadium) features a large glass wall which provides an impressive look at to some of Minneapolis' tallest buildings, and from these seats you get a great perspective to enjoy the unique view.

Sections Club V2, Club V3 and Club V4

  • Right behind the visiting team sideline
  • Great positioning between the 30 yard lines

Rows 33-42 in Sections Section 116 and Section 118

  • Great viewing angles down the visitors sideline
  • Head on to the videoboard and Minneapolis skyline

U.S. Bank Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Premium View But Lackluster Amenities" - - The comfy padded seats are a nice perk of being on the club level. You get a traditional sideline v...
    Club C6, Row 12, Seat 12
  • "Great Accessible Seating" - - My first photo is using a wide angle lens to show the entire view, incl. glass barrier, so it seems ...
    Section 111, Row 35W, Seat 5
  • "Medtronic Club Seats" - - For those who like to say they'd rather watch the game at home, they've never been in the V Club at ...
    Club V6, Row 13, Seat 1
  • "High and Dark" - - It was a long walk getting to the seats this far up, and the views certainly reflected that. You c...
    Section 333, Row 21, Seat 16
  • "Great Corner Views, Far From Restrooms" - - Excellent viewing angle to the field. You have straight away views which don’t require you to tur...
    Section 138, Row 27, Seat 20
  • "Better at the Middle of the Row" - - These seats were almost the perfect value. Located at the front (lower) portion of the 300 level, t...
    Section 339, Row B, Seat 25
  • "Perfect Club Level Views and Nearby Bar" - - On the aisle with a ton of legroom (aisle to my left was very wide). Very clear views overall (a sm...
    Club C9, Row 13, Seat 23
  • "300 Level Perfection!" - - I was seven seats in off the aisle, putting me closer to the middle of the row. And while I normall...
    Section 341, Row B, Seat 27
  • "Near the Broadcast Production Booth" - - Views weren’t terrible, right in line with the back of the east endzone on the upper seating tier....
    Section 337, Row 3, Seat 6
  • "Right Below the Vents" - - Although higher up and in the endzone, the views weren’t all that bad. Straight away lines of sig...
    Section 330, Row 6, Seat 10
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    Other Photos From U.S. Bank Stadium

    downtown view
    The view from the last row of the upper deck at U.S. Bank Stadium.
    us bank stadium Field Suites
    Looking down into the Field Suites on the Vikings side of the field. These suites include seating on the field with an additional room behind the seats.
    Field Suites
    Looking down into the Field Suites.
    vikings side at us bank stadium
    Looking towards seating on the Vikings side of the field. Most of the seats in the lower two seating bowls are club seating.
    lower endzone seats
    Looking down towards lower endzone sections from the upper deck. These are enormous sections with up to 42 rows of seats.
    visitor side seats
    Looking down towards sideline seating on the visitor side.

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