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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 305 are labeled A-Q

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    Jumbotron view excellent

    Aug 2019

    Section 305, Row 9, Seat 3

    $69.25 is the price I paid to look at the back of a stranger's head for the evening. Seating has not been rearranged since the original Nissan post was constructed 48 years ago. When will they stagger the rows to where your view is optimized and your seat is centered with the armrest of the seat in front of you? The venue was impressively clean and a nice variety of vendors offering food and beverages. Parking is a roll of the dice if possible park as close to the front exits as you can.

    • Level 300


      The best seats in Level 300 are in in the first twelve rows (A-L) of Sections 302-304. These seats are fully covered by the roof and offer good sitelines to the stage. Avoid rows M-Q in these sections if you're worried about rain. 

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    • "Iron Maiden - Jul 24, 2019"

      (Section 302) - -

      Concert and Seats were great, leaving the parking lot was horrible.

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