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Hollywood Bowl Pool Circle

Features & Amenities

The Pool Circle at Hollywood Bowl is as close as you can sit for an event without actually being a performer on stage. The seating area is partitioned off from the rest of the venue making these sections the most exclusive seats in the venue. Depending on the show, Pool Circle seating can take a variety of forms.

Standard Concert Setup

Commonly seen in the Pool Circle are five sections labeled A-E. Each section will have between 7-8 rows which means all fans sitting here will be within 8 rows of the artists on stage. Chairs are temporary folding chairs with some padding on them.

The best views will be in section C due to its location center to the stage. However, all sections provide great views to the stage being this close to the stage. We suggest choosing a closer row over a centered view when comparing tickets in Pool Circle sections.

Philharmonic Setup

For most traditional Philharmonic and Weekend Spectacular shows these seats will be three lettered rows of box-style table seating. These boxes offer slightly more space than the Garden Seats and Terrace Boxes behind them.

Read seller notes for specifics to the amenities for these events.

General Admission Pool Circle

The final setup in the Pool Circle makes this location general admission. All seats are removed making this an open floor. This setup is rare for a show at the Hollywood Bowl, but is sometimes used for touring artists that have a lively atmosphere.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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