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Section 228 at Highmark Stadium


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Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 228 are labeled 1-16
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 2
  • When looking towards the field, lower number seats are on the right

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    Best seats I've ever had

    Aug 2019

    Section 228, Row 10, Seats 1,2

    Decided to get season tickets this year and happened to buy them the day Ezra "Poncho Billa" Castro passed away. Almost bought tickets in the 300's but happened to see these were available. Went to the 1st Preseason games vs Colts and spoke to a couple other season ticket holder and they all said this is a respectable section. We can have alcohol but the section 3 feet away (227) cannot. Was told that in the winter, it can be the harshest section in the stadium.

    • 200 Level Corner


      Located on the second level of seating in the corners of the stadium, the 200 Level Corner sections have a good elevation angle allows viewers to see the whole field without any obstruction. The far side of the field can still be difficult to see, but these sections are great for viewing scoring plays in the near endzone. Sections 226 and 227 in this location are part of the 200 Level Family Zone at Highmark Stadium, meaning that fans in these sections are not allowed to have alcohol and there is much less tolerance for profanity and obnoxious behavior. Sections in this location have 11-18 numbered rows of seating. During the cold late season home games, Sections 217-219 in the northeast corner will see the most sun of any of the sections in this seating location. 

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    • "Best seats in the stadium"

      (Section 227) - -

      They sell you the whole seat but with the given view you are only going to need the edge. it is like you are right there in the action with fitzpatrick just planning out your next interception. only negative is that there are no giveaways and we are the family section!

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