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Section 117 Seating Notes

  • For football games, these seats are located behind the visitor sideline
  • For football games, desirable view from near midfield
  • Premium seating area as part of the North Sideline Club
  • Rows 10 and above are under cover
  • See all shaded and covered seating

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 117 are labeled 1, 1W, 3-40
  • Entrances to this section are located at Rows 5 and 36
  • When looking towards the field/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 117 Reviews

    Excellent Seats on Visitor Side But Watch Out For Sun

    Oct 2016

    Football Review
    Section 117, Row 39, Seat 11

    Row 39 is in a perfect spot for convenience and for seeing everything on the field. These seats are just a couple steps away from the section tunnel, which made it easy to escape to the restroom during timeouts. I've had experiences in some stadiums where it's taken half a quarter to get to the concourse and back. From this spot, you can easily do it in 2-3 minutes. In addition to convenience, the views from this spot were brilliant. Right at about the 35 yardline - there was a ton of action directly in front of us, and we never had to worry about the players on the sidelines getting in our way. Seats were covered from above - which was great because it did rain. And during the first half, we were nicely shaded and cool. But as the sun moved from endzone to endzone, we eventually ended up in the sun and it was pretty hot. The other side of the field was shaded most of the afternoon, so you may want to sit there if you can't bear the heat.

    • Lower Level Sideline (Football)


      With close proximity to the field and prime location along both sidelines, you will find some of the best and most expensive tickets in all of Hard Rock Stadium here on the lower tier. Premium club seating occupies the sections nearest to midfield, with Sections 117-119 belonging to the North Sideline Club (also known as the Hyundai Club), and Sections 145-147 being a part of the 72 Club and Golden Cane Club (the seats are referred to as the 72 Club for Dolphins games, but the same seats are known as the Golden Cane Club for Hurricanes games). The most affordable seats lower sideline seats will be closer to the goal lines where premium amenities are not available. We recommend opting for seats closer to the top of the seating sections where you not only have better elevation to see the field, but will also be closer to the entry tunnel and have better shade and coverage from the roof above.  

    • North Sideline Club


      Between the 30 yard lines and behind the visiting team bench, the North Sideline Club treats ticketholders to comfortable padded seats and excellent views near midfield. Fans will also have access to the climate-controlled North Sideline Club Lounge. This area features upscale lounge-style furniture, plenty of television monitors, premium food and beverage available for purchase, and multiple fully stocked bars. For concerts and football games, the Lounge is a popular pre-event hangout. Additional Notes  Located along the visitor sideline Some of the sunniest lower-level seats for afternoon events 

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    • "Perfect seats! Unobstructed view of the entire field"

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