Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium Field Seats for Concerts

Features & Amenities

Field Seats are the best way to experience a concert at Hard Rock Stadium. Ticketholders will find themselves with their feet on ground level and with the opportunity to be closer to the stage than anyone else.

Concert Seating Chart

The seating chart for concerts at Hard Rock Stadium changes for every event. In most instances, the stage is set up on the West end of the field.

There are two types of seating available for concerts; general admission and reserved. Differences include:

  • Reserved sections are typically labeled with a letter
    • And occasionally a number (e.g.: A1)
  • General Admission usually include the abbreviation GA
    • GA Pit/GA Floor/GA Field
  • Reserved seating has an assigned seat and a chair to sit on
  • GA sections do not have chairs and spaces are first-come, first-serve

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

Interactive Seating Chart


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    Perfect for me

    Dec 2013

    Concert Review
    Field C4, Row 16, Seats 32 and 33

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      • Dolphins
      • Miami FL
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