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Section 131 Seating Notes

Row & Seat Numbers

  • Rows in Section 131 are labeled 1-38
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 38
  • have 14 seats labeled 1-14
  • has 15 seats labeled 1-15
  • have 16 seats labeled 1-16
  • All Seat Numbers
  • When looking towards the field, lower number seats are on the right

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    • 100 Level


      The 100-Level at Arrowhead Stadium has 36 sections labeled 101-136. Each section has 38 rows of standard stadium seating. At each seat is a cupholder and average leg room. Suggested 100-Level Tickets  To get the most out of sitting on the lower level, we suggest sitting near midfield in rows 12-25. These seats elevate you over the players on the sideline and give great views to both ends of the field. Other good options include: Sections 113 and 114Near the players' tunnel  Rows 35-38Close to the concourse  Where to Sit with Bad Weather For games with bad weather, fans can find cover in the last few rows of the level. Another option fans can consider is tickets on the club level with a climate-controlled concourse. 

    • Field Level Corner


      Corner sections on the 100 level of Arrowhead Stadium contain 38 rows of seats with the section entrance at the top row of each section. These corner seats are a great way to get a good lower level seat without paying the high price of a seat at midfield. The best corner sections are those with the best angle towards midfield, like 113 and 125 on the Chiefs side and 107 and 130 on the visitor side. The comfortable sitelines and low ticket price (often 50% lower than sideline seats) make these some of the best value if you want to sit in the 100 level.  When trying to choose the best row in the corner, it's a tough choice. You'll find better views in higher rows (like 30 and above), but the front rows are very close to the field and the atmosphere is difficult to match.  In between sections 113 and 114 is the player tunnel; fans in these sections will have a great opportunity to get close to the players as they run onto the field. 

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      (Section 132) - -

      We were at the left pylon of the end zone.

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