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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 203 are labeled N-Z, AA-ZZ, AAA-CCC

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    Doesn't Get Much Better

    Jul 2022

    Section 203, Row Q, Seats 10-12

    These seats are outstanding! The view of the stage is super close. Row Q is 3 rows back from the pit (which is fairly small). Being 3 rows back gives just enough height above the flat pit section to give perfect sight lines to the stage. Would buy these seats 10/10 times.

    • 200 Level


      The 200 Level at Alpine Valley is often your only option when looking to purchase tickets in a reserved seating area (Box Seats are your other option). These are large sloping sections that begin about 15 rows from the stage. Stadium-style chairback seats run from single-lettered rows at the front, and end with triple-lettered rows at the back (Row CCC is the last row in each section). Some of the best views in this area will be found in the single-lettered rows of Section 202, where fans will be near the front of the section and have great head-on views of the stage. About half of the seats in the 200 Level are under cover. Specifically, look for tickets in rows QQQ and lower to be underneath the roof and protected from the elements. 

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    • "Not as bad as expected since there is an obstruction from a pole"

      (Section 202) - -

      You can actually see quite well.

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