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The Lawn seating at Xfinity Center is behind all reserved sections and stretches across the amphitheater. Fans sitting in the Lawn will not be covered in the event of inclement weather, and there will be no shade from the sun.

Ticket holders will not be allowed to bring alcohol, weapons of any kind, coolers, etc. Furthermore, ticket holders will not be allowed to bring their own lawn chairs, but guests will be allowed to rent chairs from Xfinity Center. The chair rentals are conveniently located in the top corners of the lawn area.

Fans sitting in the Lawn will be further away from the stage and might have a hard time seeing the performance, but should still be able to hear the performance even from so far back. One plus about sitting in the Lawn is that there is a concessions stand at each corner as well as directly behind the middle of the Lawn, making it easier to get refreshments.

The Reserved Lawn is typically located in the middle of the Lawn right behind section 12. Fans sitting in the Reserved Lawn will have a reserved seat for the entirety of the show, and a complimentary lawn chair rental is included with a reserved lawn ticket.

Just like regular Lawn seating, the Reserved Lawn will not have any cover, so fans will be susceptible to the sun and inclement weather. The Reserved Lawn seats will have a great view since the seating area is usually toward the middle.

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