Sections 1-8 at Xfinity Center are covered by the pavilion roof. The combination of being close to the stage along with the protection from any bad weather make these a preferred ticket option for many fans.

​Best Covered Seats

​There are two main options for fans looking for the best covered seating option. Sections 1-3 will bring fans closer than anywhere else in the theater. Sitting here will provide a memorable experience and is great for those looking for a special night.

Another luxury option is the VIP Boxes. The views from the boxes are the perfect distance from the stage with comfortable viewing. Fans looking for more space and amenities might prefer this covered option.

​Covered Sections 4-8

​Tickets in sections 4-8 are also great options for a show at Xfinity Center. Having the peace of mind to not need to worry about the weather is worth it for many when comparing tickets in these sections to the open air sections behind them.

When comparing tickets in these sections, elect for seats in sections 5, 6, or 7 for better centered views.