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    Seating Chart for Concerts

    Xfinity Center (Mansfield) Concert Seating Chart

    Xfinity Center (Mansfield) concert seating charts vary by performance. This chart represents the most common setup for concerts at Xfinity Center (Mansfield), but some sections may be removed or altered for individual shows. Check out the seating chart for your show for the most accurate layout.

    Xfinity Center (Mansfield) Seating Chart With Row Numbers

    Xfinity Center (Mansfield) seating chart with row numbers

    Xfinity Center (Mansfield) Seat Numbers

    Seat numbers at Xfinity Center Mansfield go from right-to-left. When seated looking at the stage, the lowest number (typically seat 1) will be on the far right of each section.

    In the lower level, section 1 ranges from 1-36, section 2 in the middle from seat 1-51. Lastly, on the outside, section 3 from seat 1-46.

    In the second level, on the outside section 4 ranges from seat 1-69 and section 8 from 1-62. Coming in closer to the middle, section 5 and 7 range from seat 1-39. In the middle, section 6 ranges from 1-40.

    In the upper level, on the outside section 9 ranges from 1-40 and section 15 ranges from seat 1-34. In the outside sections inching closer to the middle section 10 and 15 both range from seat 1-46. Inching even closer now towards the middle sections 11 and 13 both range from seat 1-59. In the middle section 12 ranges from 1-61.

    Seating Charts for Upcoming Shows

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