Sloan Park

Section 111 at Sloan Park


Sloan Park Section 111 View

Section 111 Seating Notes

  • Desirable view from behind home plate

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 111 are labeled 1-23, 24
  • Wheelchair seating is available behind Row 23

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 111 Reviews

    Behind home plate and high enough to see perfectly

    Mar 2019

    Section 111, Row 18, Seats 27 28

    Under cover of shade so very pleasant without sun beating down

    • Infield Box and Reserved Seats


      Infield Box and Reserved seats run from the third base to first base side in sections 106-117. There is no difference between box or reserved seating other than their proximity to the field. Box seats are closer to the field and dugouts. To sit behind the Cubs dugout look in sections 107-109 and on the opposite side if more interested in the visiting team. The Cubs' on-deck circle will be closest to sections 109 and 110 so fans sitting here can get a good look at players before they head to the plate. 

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