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"Perfect View of Fireworks at White Sox Game"

Seat Review From Section 516, Row 1, Seats 3-4
Jul 2013


With the fireworks exploding beyond left center field, seats down the right-field/first-base line are ideal for families and fans who want the best view of the fireworks at a White Sox game. You look directly at the fireworks and are at a great height for seeing them comfortably.

Though the seats are great for seeing the fireworks, they lack a great view of the field. You can see the entire field besides a small sliver of foul territory down the right-field line. However, the railing in the first row makes it really uncomfortable to see the action at home plate or at first base. You either have to sit high up and look over the railing or slouch down to look through it. From a view standpoint, row 2 is definitely preferred over row 1.

Seats 3 and 4 are closer to the right aisle and the angle towards the field is bad which means you basically have to turn your body to see the action at home plate. This just adds to the discomfort.

Despite the bad bad view and poor angle, the seats do have some redeeming qualities. The legroom in the first row is better than higher rows, and you don't have to walk a single stair to get to your seats. In addition, right outside of Section 516 are men's and women's restrooms. If you're in the first couple rows near the aisle, you can easily make to and from the restrooms between innings without missing a pitch.

The view of the scoreboards and outfield is pretty good from all seats in Section 516. If you're worried about rain or sun, sit in double-digit rows. But if you're looking for easy-in, easy-out seats, don't go higher than row 8. No foul balls in this section.

Best for... fans on a budget

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    • "Surprisingly Decent"

      (Section 556) - -

      Sure, they're pretty far from home plate, but it's a pretty comfortable spot. You can see the whole field without straining your neck. Concessions are a little thin this far down the line, but the Fundamentals Deck is nearby which is a plus if you have kids.

    • "Seats are Pretty Far Back"

      (Section 509) - -

      Went to Cubs/Sox game in these seats.

    • "Right down the line"

      (Section 507) - -

      Upper deck just in the foul side of the outfield. High up but a cool perspective; good value for the price to enjoy a night out.

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