Shaded Seats at Guaranteed Rate Field

In the Afternoon

During the warm summer months in Chicago, most White Sox day games begin at 1:10 PM. With the sun straight overhead, there aren't many options for escaping the heat and finding shade. Besides for the enclosed Guaranteed Rate Club, fans will find shade in the back rows of 100 level seating on the first base side of the field and in the back rows of 500 level seats on the same side.

U.S. Cellular Field afternoon shade
The upper deck roof and club overhang keep much of the 500 and 100 levels shaded on the first base side of Guaranteed Rate Field

Photo adapted from Wikimedia

Best Shaded Seats

Your options will be limited if you're looking for shaded seats near the field. When the game starts, you'll find shade in rows 30 and above and in sections 117-129 and rows. These sections and rows offer a good balance of quality views, protection from the sun, and close access to the concourse and all its amenities. If you'd prefer to sit closer to the field or in club seats on the 300 level, you'll still want to choose seats on the first base side. But you'll have to wait until the later innings for the shade to reach your seats.

Seats to Avoid

During a 1:10 game, the worst seats are found on the third base side of the field and in the outfield. None of the outfield seats are covered, and almost every single one of them is fully exposed to the sun's rays from the first pitch to the last out. And while parts of the 100 level and 500 level are covered on the third base side, these seats will come susceptible to the sun, especially in the later innings.

The 3:05 starts during June, July, and August are some of the hottest White Sox games. When buying tickets for these games, you'll want to choose seats exclusively on the first base side of the field. All 300 (club) and 500 level seats will be shaded and much cooler than the rest of the ballpark. Most lower lower-level rows on this side will also be in the shade at first pitch and will be fully shaded by 4:00-4:30.

For a 3:05 Start

With nearly half the stadium fully shaded for mid-afternoon games, there are plenty of options for choosing great seats. If you're an out-of-town fan, consider sections 122-127 where you'll be behind the visiting team dugout and have great views of your favorite players. Otherwise, consider club level sections 320-330 which offer some of the best views in the ballpark, along with club level amenities like in-seat wait service and access to the indoor club concourse.

Avoid Anything in Left Field

Sunny left field seats at U.S. Cellular Field
Finding shade in left field is a near impossible task for all White Sox day games

Photo Adapted from Wikimedia

For a 3:05 start (and any time in the afternoon or early evening), avoid anything down the left field line, especially outfield seats on that side of the field. Sections 155-161 are among the sunniest in in all of baseball and will leave you with a severe sun burn and dehydration if you don't cover your skin properly and drink plenty of water. Even seats down the line in the club level (like 342-357) and upper deck (542-558) are highly exposed to the sun's rays in the early innings. They'll eventually see relief as the game continues, but by then it will be too late.

Covered Seats at Guaranteed Rate Field

The coverage options are straightforward when finding covered seats at Guaranteed Rate Field. Here's a simple summary of the covered seating areas:

  • Sections 111-155: To find covered seats in these sections, look for rows 30 and higher. These rows protect from rain, ensuring a more comfortable experience during the game.
  • 500 Level: The entire 500 Level at Guaranteed Rate Field offers coverage. Any seat in row 9 and above on this level will provide shelter from the elements.