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"Great view!"

Seat Review From Section 534, Row 3, Seats 9-10
Sep 2012


These seats were at the front of the upper deck behind home plate. They had a great view of the entire game. They also have a great view of the fireworks.

Best for... watching the game, fans on a budget, being in the shade

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    Good view of everything

    Sep 2012

    Section 534, Row 3, Seats 9-10

    These are some of the best 500 level seats at U.S. Cellular Field. The first eight or so rows in this section only have ten seats so these seats (9 and 10) are on the aisle. Being on the aisle and only three rows up from the concourse, you are able to go down and grab snacks between innings without missing a beat. The first few rows in this section may have an issue with the railing -- it was a slight disruption for our view. Other than that, you have a very good view of the entire field, the scoreboard, the out-of-town scoreboard and the fireworks if it is fireworks nite. The legroom in these seats was also above average. Food is not as good as the 100 level, but it is close and the lines are manageable.

    Houston Astros at Chicago White Sox - Aug 13, 2019

    Aug 2019

    Section 534, Row 1   Verified Customer

    Although these are front row they are very high above the field.

    • "$25 For Ticket and a Meal"

      (Section 520) - -

      Ticket came with voucher for food and a soft drink. Seats in low rows in this section (we were in row 3) are great. No problems with steepness and you can see the whole field.

    • "Nice view"

      (Section 531) -
    • "Long Walk Up The Stairs"

      (Section 533) - -

      Seats were behind home plate, which is good, but it was a decent hike to get all the way back to row 21.

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