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"K-Zone for Sale Seats!"

Seat Review From Section 154, Row 25, Seat 1
Jun 2014


Lately I've been sitting in better seats near home plate, Club Level, etc. But Chris Sale was starting, and I wanted to sit in the K-Zone. So I got these for $20/apiece, which is a good deal for the lower level.

When Chris Sale is starting, you get a t-shirt and a K-card to hold up for strikeouts. We got ours when we entered the ballpark and put the shirt on right away. Being in that section with everyone engaged into the game was a lot of fun.

The view itself isn't that great. Your angle towards the field is pretty bad, so you have to look right to see the plate (which is 330+ feet away). And since these were on the aisle, that meant looking past the aisle to see most of the field. In other words, the foot traffic was quite distracting.

Being in Row 25 does help you see the field a little better than if you were down the line this far and sat in Row 1. You're also about 10 steps down from the concourse, so grabbing food is easy. Men's bathroom is about 5 sections away, which is further than I would have liked (women's is closer).

All-in-all, a great party section when Sale starts or a good budget place to bring the kids. But if you're looking for a great view, these aren't your seats.

Best for... bringing the family, fans on a budget, partying/socializing

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    There is some amount of netting or screening in front of all lower level sections in foul territory. The height and coverage of netting or screening will vary by section.

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