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"Maybe the Best Seats in the Stadium!"

Seat Review From Section 136, Row 18, Seat 6
May 2014


I've sat everywhere at U.S. Cellular Field. On this particular night, the forecast called for tornadoes and a lot of rain. This meant cheap tickets and unbelievable seats in Section 136.

Section 136 is between home and the Sox dugout on the 3B side of the field. Your view of the batter/pitcher exchange is just phenomenal and you're at a great height to see the entire field. You can even see the White Sox on-deck batter incredibly well.

The convenience of these seats is also awesome. There are only ten seats in a row. So even if you're in the middle (like we were), there are no more than 4 people to walk over. Row 18 is also ideal because you're halfway between the field and the concourse. Fans in the first row get a great view, but a long walk up for food and restrooms. Fans in the last row are right at the concourse, but their view is sacrificed a bit. You get the best of both worlds in a middle row like this.

Making these seats even better is that they were right in between the churros stand and the flautas stand. Those are my two favorite Mexican foods, and made my experience awesome. Churro tip: buy the mini bag. You get 2-3 churros worth for just a quarter more than 1 churro costs. They're also great for sharing. I took down two mini-bags myself and happily enjoyed my sugar-induced stomach-ache while watching the Sox cruise to a win over the Rays!

Best for... watching the game, being close to the action, impressing a guest, Catching a foul ball

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    Perfect seats for all!

    Aug 2013

    Section 136, Row 18, Seats 1-2

    These were great seats behind sox on deck circle. Great view slightly to left of home plate. Aisle made seats easy to get in and out of. Also good seats to catch a ball or tshirt. We had a couple foul balls near us and almost caught a tshirt from top of sox dugout. Perfect for family, impressing client, or just to have a good time at ballpark. We were in the shade by 430.

    Some of the best seats in the stadium!

    Aug 2013

    Section 136, Row 18, Seats 1-2

    Between the Sox dugout and home plate, on the aisle and halfway between the field and the concourse. What more could you ask for!? Seat 1 is on the right aisle, closer to home plate. If you look straight ahead, you're staring right down the first base line. If you like watching the first or second baseman, these seats are ideal. The entire outfield is in perfect view as well. Delicious flautas were a couple sections away and beer, water, popcorn and peanut vendors were abundant. Being on the aisle is a bonus, though there are less than 12 seats per row. Seats are not in the shade at all during a 1:00 game, but do get relief around 430 for late afternoon and evening games. Overall, easily some of the best seats at U.S. Cellular Field!

    • "Excellent Seats Behind Home Plate"

      (Section 133) - -

      -Completely shaded in late afternoon -Super convenient to restrooms and concessions -Seat 13 is on the left aisle -Good view of the whole field -Made it on the jumbotron Just wish more foul balls came back to us!

    • "Excellent Seats Near the White Sox Dugout"

      (Section 141) - -

      Less than 10 rows from the Sox dugout - right in line with third base. Awesome for seeing everything that's happening on the infield. I also really like being directly head-on to the out-of-town scoreboard with additional info and stats. Only downside was the heat. Ended up moving to a shaded spo...

    • "Took my 2 grandsons 10 and 8. They could not see the field!"

      (Section 134) - -

      People in front not exceptionally tall but the seats were not angled enough for the boys to see over them. Very disappointing.

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