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"Long Walk Up The Stairs"

Seat Review From Section 533, Row 21, Seat 1
Jun 2011


Seats were behind home plate, which is good, but it was a decent hike to get all the way back to row 21.

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    • "Good view of everything"

      (Section 534) - -

      These are some of the best 500 level seats at U.S. Cellular Field. The first eight or so rows in this section only have ten seats so these seats (9 and 10) are on the aisle. Being on the aisle and only three rows up from the concourse, you are able to go down and grab snacks between innings without ...

    • "Great seats with a close view!"

      (Section 540) - -

      These seats were awesome had a great view of the entire park. Between third base and home plate you see all the action! Just a few steps away from the tunnel to walk thru for restrooms, food and everything you could want.

    • "Upper Deck With a Good View"

      (Section 529) - -

      Not the most spectacular seats in the ballpark but also not bad by any means. Good view from behind home plate. Being slightly in the first base side means you really get a good look at balls to the left side of the infield and outfield. Some elderly people were taking it slow on the stairs so...

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