U.S. Bank Stadium

Minnesota Vikings 100 Level Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

For a comfortable view from the lower level, these endzone sections are a great option without having to spend a bit more for a premium club ticket at a Vikings game. Fans will have straight away views of the action on the field, and will also have little head turning to do when catching a replay on the videoboard at the far end of the stadium.

Both endzones feature similar structures with as many as 42 numbered rows in each section, and as many as 27 seats in each row. Entry tunnels are located at the top of the sections for the majority of the seats here, so while you’ll get closer to the action and find fewer seats per row in the lower numbers, you’ll also have some of the longest walks possible to the restrooms and concessions.

Choosing which endzone is best however will depend on your preferences as a fan. The east endzone (sections 118-121) offers a better spot for overall views much in part to the excellent sight lines to the Minneapolis skyline in the background. In contrast, the west endzone will be the better pick for fans who aren’t always glued in to the action and prefer the mix of a social environment created by the large open concourse area just above the seats.  - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "Incredible View From the Endzone"

      (Section 142) - -

      Wow, I never liked endzone seats, but when the play is in the red zone heading in this direction, there's nowhere better to be. Seriously, what a view! In the Endzone, I think this height is great because you can still see the other end (though it is pretty far).

    • "Good view downfield"

      (Section 141) - -

      Tons of activity right behind these seats. There are standing people there right behind you. Can get annoying. Otherwise, cool view down the field. Goal posts don't get in the way. Videoboard is straight in front. Comfortable spot.

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