Turner Field

"Close up view! Perez tossed us a ball!"

Seat Review From Section 138, Row 14, Seat 5
Jul 2015

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Close up view!

Jul 2015

Section 138, Row 14, Seat 5

Great view up close. Perez tossed us a game ball!! Great time at the ballpark!

  • "Better than your average outfield seats!"

    (Section 140) - -

    Better than your average outfield seats!

  • "Homerun Territory"

    (Section 145) - -

    Great view of the field with plenty of amenities nearby. Would not recommend for afternoon games but it's great for an evening game. Great place to catch homeruns!

  • "Great seats!"

    (Section 134) - -

    Really enjoyed sitting here. Sun wasn't in our eyes, and there was a good view of the field. Only complaint is that the ushers don't know which section is which, but that's not a big deal. Good mix of home and away fans.