Shaded and Covered Seating at Truist Park

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Shade and Cover FAQs

Finding Shade in the Early Afternoon

Truist Park has four distinct tiers of seating throughout the majority of the ballpark, which in most stadium architecture would translate into a good amount of overhanging structure and shade during the middle of the day.  However as the overhangs at Truist do not cover a significant portion of the seats below, it is not very easy to find relief when the sun is at its highest point.  Fans are advised to stick with the upper deck 400 level sections between 1st and 3rd base which are almost entirely covered by a roof at the top of the ballpark, or the upper rows of the 100 level sections between the corner bases and the foul poles.

Shaded seating during a daytime Atlanta Braves game at SunTrust Park
The roof at the top of Truist Park offers excellent protection for fans who don't mind being on the 400 level. Closer to the field, fans can also find good shade at the back of the 100 level sections down the baselines.

Best Shaded Seats

For those who want a combination of close views and protection from the Atlanta sunshine for a middle of the day start, opt for double digit rows (10 and higher) in sections 110 to 118 down the first base line.  You have excellent overhead coverage provided by the 200 level above, and will also have your back to the west which ensures extended coverage as the day gets longer.  An additional bonus of sitting in the upper portion of these sections is the easier and quicker access to and from the main concourse.

Seats to Avoid

Ironically, among the most exposed seats are the premium club options found closest to the field (SunTrust, Delta Sky, and Dugout Club), as well as the Infiniti Club seats behind home plate on the 200 level.  Most fans here have access to a climate controlled lounge for a break from the heat, but won't find much relief when sitting in their ticketed seat.  Other areas to avoid include anything in the outfield (other than sections 144-145), the 300 level behind home plate, and most sections closest to the foul poles on each seating tier.

Shaded Seating For Events After 3:00

The shade at Truist Park will move noticeably between first pitch and the final inning of an afternoon start for a Braves game, however the one aspect which will remain constant is that the first base side is where to be for staying in the shade.  Seats on the third base side face towards the west, translating into more exposure throughout the afternoon until the sun falls below the east roof line of the ballpark.

Late Afternoon Shade at SunTrust Park
The best afternoon shade starts off being just for the fans down the first base side, and slowly moves closer to the opposite side of the field during the latest stages of the afternoon and early evening.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Best Shaded Seats for an Afternoon Start

Staying along the right field line is the best way to find shade for a Braves game with an afternoon start time.  Rows 7 and higher in sections 110-122 are excellent options with relief from the sun throughout the game, good sightlines to the field, and decent access to and from the concourse.  Sections 215-218 are also a strong choice (opt for rows 3 and higher) which will have good shade, ideal viewing height, and a more affordable price tag than being on the lower 100 level.

Seats to Avoid for Afternoon Sun

Unless its your last option for tickets, the third base side should be avoided whenever possible if you want to be in the shade for an afternoon game.  There are some areas where fans can find relief (most notable being the last few rows of sections 130-145), however as the third base side faces the setting sun in the west, the exposure will continue to increase as the game progresses.  Outfield sections should also be avoided as protection from the sun is extremely limited.

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