Turner Field

Turner Field Terrace Level Infield


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

The Terrace Level sits on the lowest tier of Turner field but is located behind the field level seating below.

Terrace level seating typically has 16 rows or fewer, making for easy in and out access to the concourses, while the last 5 rows will have very good shade provided by the Upper Box Deck above.

The best access to amenities in the Infield portion of the terrace level will be the sections behind home plate and behind the Braves dugout on the first base side.  - RateYourSeats.com

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Great view of field "

    (Section 215) -
  • "Excellent view down the Left Field Line"

    (Section 205) - -

    The seats are in the first row, just to the left of the railing above the concourse entryway tunnel. They offer a clear view of the entire field and were fully shaded by 6:30. It's a perfect look at fair/foul balls down the left field line. Looking up to the left you can see Chip Caray, a little bi...

  • "Wonderful View"

    (Section 207) - -

    Seat is elevated and right in the middle of home and first base. Great spot to to test your luck on catching foul balls. Awesome view. Perfect for going on dates.