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Sitting Here for a Concert

The upper level of the Staples Center provides some regrettable views - particularly in the head-on and corner sections farthest from the stage. As a result, if your budget has you in the 300 level, we highly recommend spending a few extra dollars to purchase a seat in one of the 300 level sections nearest the stage. From there, we recommend focusing on tickets in the lowest row possible for the best overall experience.

Because there is a large block of suites between the Premier level and the upper level, these seats in the 300s are high above the stage. Not only will fans in the first six rows have the best views of the stage, they\'ll have the shortest walk up and down the stairs to the section tunnel at row 2.

Our favorite section in this seating zone is 319 where there are 13 or fewer seats in the first six rows. Furthermore, this section - along with 334 - provide the best combination of quality sitelines and close proximity. Sections 320 and 333 are closer to the stage, but their side view is much less favorable.

Finally, if you\'re someone who gets up and down a lot from your seat - or you simply don\'t like being in the middle of a long row - avoid 318 at all costs. This is the largest section in the arena with 33-38 seats per row. In other words, if you\'re seated in seat 17 you\'re going to have to pass at least 16 people each time you enter/exit your seats.   -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Looking far down at the side of the stage"

      (Section 333) - -

      From this high up I was left looking down right at the side of the stage. My seat was in the last row and just barely in front of the stage, which left me with little to no view of the faces of the band members. But for an upper level seat, I did feel decently close to the action in spite of the s...

    • "Decent view but difficult access"

      (Section 318) - -

      This is a huge section with 33 seats in the row, and unfortunately I was in seat 16 leaving me right in the middle of this monster. I would definitely opt for seats closer to aisle next time, where Seat 1 is on the right aisle, and Seat 33 is on the closer aisle to the stage at the left side of the...

    • "Entire view was obscured and was not told at time of purchase"

      (Section 319) - -

      My two friends and I had absolutely no view. My friend complained and said the screens which were blocking our view to the stage and were sideways were “not supposed to be there”. We basically saw nothing. Only listened. I was extremely disappointed.

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