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With the Arena attracting some of the biggest names in music, floor seats are some of the most sought-after tickets due to their close location to the stage.

Floor Setup

For most shows, the stage is setup at the far end of the floor closest to sections 114-117. Floor seats are then divided up into six sections labeled 1-6. These sections should not be confused with Premier sections 1-6 which are found in the second ring of seating.

When the floor is setup as described above, floor sections typically contain 25 rows of seats with row 1 at the front of each section. Floor section 5 is usually reduced in size to about 10 rows to make room for the sound mixer directly behind. While seat numbers vary by performance, there are typically 14-16 seats in each row on the floor.

Other Floor Layouts

While an end-stage setup is the most common layout, there are times when the stage is set up in the center of the floor to sell the entire arena.

When this is the case, section locations and row and seat numbers can vary greatly from the base setup. Other modifications include general admission tickets and pits where there are no seats and standing spaces are first-come, first-serve.

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    Couldn't see the stage for such a high price

    Aug 2018

    Concert Review
    Floor 2, Row 2, Seats 9,10

    My daughter was excited to get floor seats to go see Panic at the Disco, but what a disappointment. For almost $200 you could barely see the stage. We were in the second row of the second floor section and our seats were right in the middle facing the stage. Should have been a great view, but couldn't see over the people in the row in front of us or the people who kept walking in the aisle in front of that row. Rows are so close together, you have no leg room or elbow room at all. Felt like a pretzel and folding chairs should be outlawed at venues for concerts, the person sitting on my left had to weigh over 300lbs. and was sitting half on my seat. I have more room on a plane. Ridiculous, The concert performances were good and even the parking was more organized than expected. I will never buy floor seats again at the Staples Center would rather sit up top for a lower fee and have legroom and actually see who I paid to see.

    Uncomfortable chairs

    Apr 2019

    Concert Review
    Floor 3, Row 3   Verified Customer

    Chairs very uncomfortable, had to sit sideways to see Mr Buble, worse than airline seats.

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