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Seats in the 100 Level at Arena will have the largest variation in experience depending on the event attending. Sitting in the lower level will bring fans closest to the court, rink, or stage and are typically among the most expensive tickets in the arena for this reason.

All fans will enter 100-numbered sections from the top of the section and walk down to the seats.

100 Level for Sporting Events

For the best views of basketball and hockey games some fans will prefer the 100 level over the Premier Seats because these seats are closer to the game. Sections nears 111 and 101 will be closest to the center of the court and ice and give good views to both ends of the court/rink.

Fans attending a Lakers or Clippers games can sit near the benches in sections 118 and 119.

For Kings games, sections 113-118 will be on the shoot twice side of the ice. The home bench will in front of section 102.

Lower Level Seating for Concerts

If looking to sit on the lower level for a concert at Arena the best views to the stage come in section 112 and 119. Tickets for these seats come with a good angle to the stage for standard end-stage setups.

For head-on views to the stage sections 106-107 will be the best option. However, seats here will be the furthest seats on the lower level from the stage.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    • "Awesome"

      (Section 119) -
    • "Great seats"

      (Section 107) -
    • "Great view of the game, but there's a gap that people treat as a walkway! "

      (Section 107) - -

      We were excited to be close to the glass, but then realized the seats were not actually side by side, but there was a gap between them that ran all the way down to the glass, and people use it as a walkway! So annoying. I would buy seats in this row again, just never these two seats. So many ...

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