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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

A large wall of suites separate the upper and lower levels at the Staples Center, placing the 300 level sections a great distance from the court. Nowhere is this felt more than behind the baskets in sections 307-312 and 324-329.

More often that not, tickets in these sections are among the least expensive for a Lakers or Clippers game. They're ideal for families or large groups who care less about a great view and more about a cheap ticket price or just the experience of attending a game.

Concession options on the arena ends are rather limited, so fans are encouraged to grab snacks and drinks at one of the stands near center court at section 301 or 318.

Despite all of the disadvantages, one advantage of sitting in these sections is that they're smaller than almost every other section. With fewer rows per section and fewer seats per row, it's easy to get in and out without much hassle.  -

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    • "Lots of energy near band"

      (Section 309) - -

      It's hard to find a cheap seat these days to see Lebron and The Lakers but the 300 level section usually isn't too bad. The view is pretty tough from behind the basket such as within section 309. From here, it is very difficult to see if the ball is making it through the hoop or rimming out. When th...

    • "Love them"

      (Section 325) -
    • "Awesome"

      (Section 325) -

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