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The Upper Level Sideline has the furthest views of any area in the stadium. While far in comparison to the other sections at Spartan stadium, these upper level sections still offer a decent view of the field from a more aerial perspective.

These are among the best places to sit for visiting team fans, as Sections 105, 120, and 127 are designated for the visiting team ticket allotment.

With 32 numbered rows of seating and entry tunnels located at Row 8, getting to the seats is not as difficult as some of the larger lower level sections behind the endzones - but you may still be left with quite a climb.

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  • Section 107, Row 11
    99/100 Deal Rating
    September 30 - Iowa Hawkeyes at Michigan State Spartans
  • Section 109, Row 4
    99/100 Deal Rating
    November 18 - Maryland Terrapins at Michigan State Spartans
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