"Loved how close we were "
CenturyLink Field Section 121 Seat Review Added September 2015


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    Best For...
  • bringing the family
  • being close to the action
    Avoid If...
  • you consider yourself "Big" and "Tall"
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  • Great Video Game style of watching the games

    Some of the cheapest seats in the venue, but a great Video Game style of watching the games - You see plays and hopes open up AS THEY happen. I have sat as close as the 8th row on the sidelines and I would not trade my seats for anything.

  • We love our seats!

    My favorite part is watching my Hawks run out of the tunnel. Our section gets so rowdy and I we love it. Easy bathroom and food access make these excellent!

  • Section 149 Row K (Handicapped section?)

    This is a single row of seats between the lower and upper level in the Hawks nest. The seats have backs, but you have to climb over them to enter and exit which is a pain. One dumb girl had worn a skirt - which was a problem, although not for ...More

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