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Lumen Field Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Club Seats - The Lumen Field Club Seats run endzone to endzone on both the East and West sides of the stadium. Seats in these sections have idyllic views of the fi...
  • Field Seats (Seahawks Games) - The new Field Seats at Lumen Field give you a chance to literally be the 12th man on the field for the Seahawks. Located in all four corners of the si...
  • Pitchside Seats (Sounders Games) - Highly regarded as the finest seats at Lumen Field for a Sounders FC match, the Pitchside seats offer ticketholders an opportunity to sit on the field...

Charter Seats

  • Charter Seats - Charter Seats at Lumen Field refer to seats in the 100s and 300s that are commonly sold in season ticket packages for Seahawks games. This includes al...

Emerald City Supporters Section for Sounders Games

in the emerald city supporters section
  • Emerald City Supporters Section - Sections 121-123 are home to the Emerald City Supporters. This is the official supporters section of the Seattle Sounders. For Seahawks games the...

Hawk's Nest Seating

  • Hawk's Nest Seating - In the North endzone, sections 146, 147, 149, and 150 are home to the famous Hawk's Nest Seats. Rows K through UU make up this fan section, while rows...

Seahawks Sideline & Visitor Sideline

Seahawks Sideline - The Seahawks sideline is in front of Section 134, Section 135 and Section 136

Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section 108, Section 109 and Section 110

Sounders Bench & Visitor Bench

visitors bench lumen field
The visitor bench at a Sounders game is in front of sections 136 and 137.

Sounders Bench - The Sounders sideline is in front of Section 133 and Section 134

Visitor Bench - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section 136 and Section 137

Toyota Fan Deck Seating for Seahawks Games

  • Toyota Fan Deck Seating - The Toyota Fan Deck is a special ticket only available to guests in select seats of sections 320 and 324. Any fan sitting in these sections can get a ...

Visitor Section for Sounders Games

section 203, row a2 seat view  for soccer - lumen field
  • Visitor Section - For Sounders games, fans rooting for the visiting team are most commonly found in section 203. These are dedicated visitor sections and are on the opp...

Shaded & Covered Seating

  • Shaded and Covered Seats - Covered Seats at Lumen Field All Club Level Seats (Sections in the 200's) When looking for covered seats at Lumen Field, we often start by s...

Roughly half of all seats at Lumen Field offer some type of shade or cover. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder.

Obstructed Seating

  • Avoid Row(s) T-Z, AA-CC in Section(s) 128, 116, 102 and 142 -

    Some rows in 100 Level corner sections at Lumen Field are obstructed. Railings can block views of the field. Rows closest to the field and lower seat numbers are more obstructed than other seats.

Know of obstructed seats? Help other fans and let us know!

Lumen Field Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

With some of the most expensive ticket prices in the NFL, finding a great view at a Seahawks games is usually going to be accompanied by a high price tag. The best seats at the Link are almost always located at midfield in premier sections known as Charter or Club seats.

Seeing Over Players on the Sidelines

In the 100 level, sections 107-111 and 133-137 are located between the 20 yardlines and are often considered the best seats for a Seahawks game. Within these sections, we prefer the highest rows for the most comfortable view. Rows V-Z, Z1-Z2 (wheelchair accessible) and AA-BB are located near the top of their respective sections. By being 20-25 rows from the field, you will have enough elevation to comfortable see over the players on the sideline.

Finding Better Elevation in the Club Level

For an even better view, consider seats in club level sections 207-211 and 233-237. These seats are also located at midfield - but the added elevation will make it easier to see end-to-end - and make it slightly easier to see the videoboards. Keep in mind; however, that club tickets for a Seahawks game are not cheap. These are the best tickets at Lumen Field, but they are also the most expensive.

Alternatives to Expensive Seats

While the 100 and 200 levels receive most of the attention at the Link, the 300 level offers some excellent views and (slightly) more affordable prices. These upper level sections are split up into an upper and lower area by a common walkway.

Below the walkway you'll find rows A-E and accessible seating rows E1-E2. Especially in midfield sections 307-311 and 333-337, these rows offer outstanding views of the field. In fact, many fans prefer these seats to similarly-priced tickets on the lower level because the elevation allows them to see the game with ease. Furthermore, these rows are located just below the entry tunnels, which makes it easy to grab concessions and make a pit stop.

With more than 45 rows in these 300 level sections, it's important to sit in the lowest row possible. Your wallet might hurt a little more, but your knees will thank you for saving them from all the stairs.

One area where the Link is falling behind is in the videoboard race. The stadium features just two small, main video screens. One is located in the South endzone, which allows fans in the Hawk's Nest a head-on view. Meanwhile, the videoboard above the Hawk's Nest is much too high for most fans to see comfortably. So, while we would typically recommend endzone seats for their easy views of the scoreboard, these seats offer no real advantage at a Seahawks game.

Avoid Obstructed Seating

Because ticket prices are so high, many fans are looking for a great deal on Seahawks tickets. This often leads them to lower level tickets in sections 102, 116, 128 and 142. When looking at seats in these sections, use caution - there are railings that can disrupt your view of the field. These obstructions are included in ticket listings on our site, so be sure to read through all the notes to avoid a bad view!

Rows V-Z2, AA-BB in Sections Section 107, Section 108, Section 109 and Section 110

  • Excellent views near midfield on the lower seating tier
  • Great seating elevation to see all areas of the field
  • Close to the section entry tunnels

Rows J-Z, AA-A2 in Sections Section 207, Section 208, Section 209 and Section 210

  • Club level sections with the best views of the game
  • Located about 35-50 rows above the field - an excellent spot for a comfortable view
  • Easy access to club concessions and amenities

Rows A-E in Sections Section 306, Section 307, Section 308 and Section 309

  • Excellent views without the high price of a lower level or club level ticket
  • Elevated location allows you to easily follow the game from end-to-end
  • Conveniently located just below the section tunnel for easy access to the upper concourse

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

For Football: Sections 209 and 235

  • Good view of the whole field from the 50 yard line
  • Exclusive club level amenities
  • Access to club lounges

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Impressing a Guest.

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

The Emerald City Supporters are some of the loudest fans in the MLS.
Inside the Emerald City Supporter's seats.
If you want to sit in the Supporters section, you've got to be ready for a long afternoon of chanting and standing!

For Seahawks Games: Sections 146, 147, 149 and 150

  • Hawks nest in rows K-UU
  • Rowdy fans stomp on the bleachers and make a lot of noise
  • Large reason that the fans are called the 12th man

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Partying and Socializing.

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

With the recent success of the Seahawks, Lumen Field has become one of the NFL's premier destinations for out-of-town fans. If you're visiting the Link as a fan of the away team, there are certain sections you want to target - and certain sections you want to avoid - when buying tickets to a game.

Visitor Sideline

First, the visiting team sideline is located on the East side of the field in front of sections 107-111. Because of their close proximity to the players, these sections are popular with visiting team fans hoping to be within earshot of their favorite players. Not surprisingly, we recommend sitting as close to Row A (the first row) as possible. While your view will almost certainly be obstructed by the players, you'll enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience and feel like you're a part of the team.

Visitor Tunnel

Another area on the lower level where visitor fans tend to cluster is near the Visitor tunnel. The visiting team runs in and out of the tunnel located in the Southeast corner of the field below sections 115 and 116. It's not uncommon to see dozens of fans crowding this area before the game in an effort to talk to the players or to obtain an autograph. Here are the seat and row numbers directly adjacent to the tunnel:

  • Section 114: Seats 14 and 15 are on the left side of the section
  • Sections 115 and 116: Row S is the first row directly above the tunnel
  • Section 117: Low-number seats in rows H-Q are next to the tunnel
  • Section 118: Low-number seats in rows A-G are next to the tunnel

Besides being close to your favorite players and sitting with a group of fellow fans, another reason to sit in one of these sections is to be close to the local craft beer stand near section 116. If you're from out-of-town, we recommend trying a beer by Elysian or Ghostfish - two of Seattle's most popular craft breweries.

Eat Like a Local

Because the price of Seahawks tickets has risen considerably over the past few years, lower level seats may not fit within your budget. Instead, consider tickets on the 300 level where prices usually run 40-60% cheaper than 100 level seats.

As a visitor fan, one area to target is Section 309 on the East side of the field. This section is located on the visitor side of the field, and is in close proximity to some of the best food on the upper concourse.

At Section 309 you'll find the "Best of Pioneer Square and Chinatown Eats" concession stand. This is a great way to be introduced to local Seattle cuisine (there is also the obligatory Starbucks near this section). Because 309 is located at midfield, tickets in these section are among the most expensive in the 300-level. Nearby sections will provide you with a similar view, while still keeping you close to local concessions.

Beware of the Hawk's Nest

One area of the Link where visitor fans are not exactly welcome is in the Hawk's Nest above the North endzone. This is a pro-Seahawks area where fans often stand, cheer loudly and are known for abusing visiting fans who step into their territory. Unless you're a glutton for punishment, we recommend avoiding sections 146-150 altogether. You won't be missing much - the seats themselves are uncomfortable and this area is heavily exposed to the wind.

Rows A-P in Sections Section 107, Section 108, Section 109 and Section 110

  • Seats located along the visitor sideline
  • Rows A-P are within 15 rows of the field - and the visiting team
  • Players may block your view of the field, but you can't get any closer to them!

Sections Section 114, Section 115, Section 116 and Section 117

  • The visiting team runs out of the tunnel in front of sections 115 and 116
  • These sections give you a great view of the away team as they run on and off the field
  • These sections tend to be among the lowest-priced 100 and 200 level tickets, and are usually filled with visiting fans

Rows F-Q in Sections Section 307, Section 308, Section 309 and Section 310

  • Seats are close to local-eats concession stand at section 309 with the best of Pioneer Square and Chinatown
  • These sections are located above the visitor sideline on the east side of the stadium
  • Very good views from near midfield make it easy to follow the action on the field

Lumen Field Seating Reviews

  • "Probably the best value at the Clink" - - I've had season tickets at this location for four years now; they are probably the best value in the...
    Section 102, Row AA / Football Review
  • "Great View, RUDE FANS " - - I just attended my first (and last!) game at Centurylink Field against the Rams. I should preface th...
    Section 149 / Football Review
  • "GREAT SEATS!" - - We really enjoyed these seats and even though I was rooting for the Jaguars the Seahawk fans treated...
    Section 121, Row L, Seats 7&8 / Football Review
  • "Amazing view and experience" - - The view was awesome. I have sat all over the stadium and these seats were one of my favorites. I...
    Section 146, Row Q, Seat 11 / Football Review
  • "Down in front!" - - This seat is on the end of the row, just a few steps above the stairs that lead to the section. And ...
    Section 116, Row DD, Seat 1 / Football Review
  • "50 yard line, covered, club section" - - Amazing seats! We were there for the Seahawks playoff game. View was amazing. We have bought fron...
    Section 209, Row Q, Seats 15-16 / Football Review
  • "Great Seats!" - - These seats were great. We sat in seats 7-10 and they stayed dry during the rain at the Panthers gam...
    Section 205, Row P, Seats 7-10 / Football Review
  • "Decent seats but this is a STANDING section for Sounders games" - - Don't buy tickets here if you have kids or are short in stature-- this entire section stands, despit...
    Section 214, Row K, Seat 17 / Soccer Review
  • "Great views!" - - Even though I’m in the 300 level, I don’t feel that far away when sitting in these seats. I pers...
    Section 315, Row C, Seat 18 / Soccer Review
  • "Great Bang for the Buck" - - We were directly in line with the uprights at the back of the endzone. I wouldn't want to sit any fa...
    Section 339, Row CC / Football Review
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