Covered Seats at Lumen Field

All Club Level Seats (Sections in the 200's)

When looking for covered seats at Lumen Field, we often start by suggesting Club seats. All Club seats at Lumen Field are covered, providing spectators with some protection from the elements. 

There is a large gap between the seats and the roof overhead. This does create some variability with blowing rain or snow. However, with club access fans are also able to escape to the climate-controlled concourse.

Whether it's rain or shine, fans can cheer on their team comfortably, shielded from inclement weather conditions whether it be inside the club or at the seats.

Upper-Level Sideline Seats (Sections in the 300's)

For those seeking covered seating along the sidelines and at a lower price point, the upper level of Lumen Field is a perfect choice. The sideline sections in the 300 level offer spectators the opportunity to enjoy the game from under the cover of the main stadium roof. 

Sections with all rows covered:

  • 304-314
  • 330-340