Little Caesars Arena

Detroit Red Wings Mezzanine Sideline Clubs Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Similar to the seats near mid ice on the lower tier, most of the Mezzanine Level Side sections combine prime viewing angles with upscale amenities to create a fantastic experience at a Red Wings hockey game.

Almost all ticket holders here will have access to an upscale club lounge area for NHL games, other than those sitting in Mezzanine sections 8, 14, 25, and 31. The lounge offers a unique atmosphere for socializing and also gives you a private bar to share with your fellow Sideline Club ticket holders.

Aside from the perks found in most of the seats here, the viewing angles and seating height are ideal for being able to follow all the action on the ice without obstruction. These sections are also very small with no more than 5 rows of seating in each (with some also having a bar rail at the top), allowing for the easiest trips between the seats and the concourse.

Should you be considering Drink Rail tickets on the Mezzanine, it is important to note that the views of the ice from the standing rail position will be limited.

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